Soooo I guess I’m starting this because I feel awful flooding my friends with my venting, trying to understand what the hell just happened on my date last night, or sending text messages with content that’s TMI even for my closest friends 🙊..

So now I can do it here.. so lucky you if you’re stopping by to read my posts.. 

And maybe if you can relate, or can offer advice or understanding or support. .!! Or even if you are looking for support yourself, maybe this is a place we can find it..? Oh and I’m well aware there will be some lovely trolls coming by at some point..!! We’ll deal with that when the time comes I guess..

I will post about who I am next and what I’ve dealt with. But FYI you will hear confusing rants about experiences, abuse fall out, and my dating experiences.. And just plain venting about life and kids and whatever I need to blurt out loud for a moment.. Because life and dating is so bloody confusing and frustrating in your 30s..!! So confusing.. especially for someone like me who likes to “just go with it”.. certainly leaves you open to hurt and being messed around and consuming mis-matched moments.. 

So talk soon and I hope I don’t bore you all with my rants which I’m sure will be repetitive and confusing at times, but I hope maybe someone can come along and help with the confusing experiences.. or just send me vurtual hugs..

Sweet dreams,

UDR ♡